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About the company

“EL-VE-EM LLC” company was established in 1993.

Currently  GLASURİT (Germany), BASLAC (Germany), NOVOL (Poland), DYO (Turkey), MENZERNA (Germany), 

MİRKA (Finland), RODIM (Turkey), ELBA (Turkey), VERSHINA (Russia), ARİKON (Russia),   

CHEVRON-TEXACO (USA), LOTOS (Poland), LUXE (Russia), OİLRİGHT (Russia), HIGHWAY (Russia), NORD STREAM Antifriz (Russia), ALYASKA Antifriz (Russia) 3TON (Russia) and so on. is the only distributor in Azerbaijan of such manufacturers. The company imports the mentioned goods to Azerbaijan and carries out their wholesale trade. The company has contracts with many corporate clients.

The main motto of the enterprise is "Compatibility of price and quality".

 A car maintenance center operates under the enterprise.
The total area of ​​"Avtoklinika" car service is 1500 square meters, located on the side of the road from Koroglu (former Azizbeyov) metro station to Bakukhanov settlement in Baku city.  It is equipped with the most modern equipment and is considered one of the leading car service centers in Azerbaijan. They carry out current and major repairs of cars of any brand at a very high level.